Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First Snow

This winter has been an unusual one for Wisconsin. Usually we have piles of snow by Christmas, sometimes even by Thanksgiving! This year Christmas came and went without a single significant snowfall. Quite strange! I'm blaming my lack of preparation for Christmas on this fact. It never truly felt like Christmas was coming when 40-60 degree weather stayed around for so long! 

We finally had to go to another state to get snow. On Tuesday, December 27th, we woke up to celebrate Christmas at Scott's parent's home in Michigan. As we started opening presents, we were delighted to see the perfect snowfall begin outside. You know exactly what I mean... that kind of snowfall that makes you feel like you are looking into a gigantic snow globe!

The snow steadily fell for the whole morning and afternoon, and finally Brooklyn couldn't contain her excitement and she started begging to go outdoors. Of course, that had a "snowball effect" (hee-hee) on the rest of the cousins, and soon all of the kids were putting on their boots, hats, mittens, and snow suits.

Micaiah and Brooklyn
The kids were planning on just running around in the snow, but Grandpa had an even better idea. He went and got the big trailer from the barn, and took them all (plus the dads) for a ride through the woods (while the moms stayed inside and did a cleaning blitz)!


Everyone had a blast. It was the perfect introduction to the winter season, even if it was a tad later than normal! 

Grandpa and Grandma Jex's farm

And before us moms knew it, everyone was piling back inside, rosy cheeks and wet hair, looking for some hot chocolate. So much for the clean house! ;o)

Way to go, Grandpa Jex! You're the best!

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