Friday, January 6, 2012

*Golden Anniversary*

January 6th, 2006

Two best friends joined lives and started out on a journey.

So many people gathered around us in support. Many gave of their time, talents, and possessions to make our day beautiful. We are eternally grateful and overwhelmed by the love shown us.

Haven't our families changed and grown?!!!

Six years later, we have a home and three little girls to love. Who would've guessed?!! 
I'm so thankful for my man. He's so supportive and loving. Always interested in what I'm scrapbooking/crafting/blogging/sewing. 

He takes his responsibility as a father so seriously. Surprising me constantly with how good he is with kids even though he was the youngest and had no previous experience! (And no one ever told him that it is unusual for guys to get up with the babies in the middle of the night, but he sometimes does.... shhhhh! don't enlighten him!!!)

I love how he walks in the door after working all day, hugs all his girls, and then either occupies the girls for awhile or picks up a spatula and helps his frantic wife salvage the new recipe she is trying for dinner! ;)

He is becoming quite a pro with fixing up "This Old House," painting, plumbing, landscaping, remodeling... Scott has learned a tremendous amount since we bought our first house. I love how he is willing to try anything, and how he is good at almost everything he tries (though that also sometimes makes me mad, too!!! lol)

He is perfect for me, and I am thankful.

And we are also reminded again on this day how blessed we are with so many loving friends and family.

Both the old and the new.

our delightful wedding party
Our marriage wouldn't be as strong without those who have come alongside to sharpen and support us as we walk together on this journey toward God.

Happy 6th Anniversary, Babe!


  1. I praise the Lord with you as to how He lead you two together. God is good and I couldn't be more happier for you Jeni! You are truly blessed and I have enjoyed seeing your family grow.

    1. I just saw this :). You and Scott both have such a precious family! Those 3 little girls are very blessed :). Love you.

  2. Awe what a great post. Happy anniversary :)


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