Monday, February 6, 2012

My First Pattern Testing Experience!

I had the awesome, motivating experience of being a pattern tester a few weeks ago. I love following the blog Shwin&Shwin because the two sisters that author this blog are constantly giving tutorials and free patterns for children's clothes. Their posts are very inspiring! Not only do they offer free tutorials and patterns, but they also have an online shop were they sell more indepth patterns they have designed. I have drooled over some of their patterns for a long time!

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I noticed they had requested a few pattern testers to test out some new patterns they wanted to put in the shop as their new spring collection. I submitted my information, and was delighted to be chosen to test "The Prudence Jacket" in size 5 -- perfect for Brooklyn! But then when I got the pattern emailed to me, I must admit I swallowed hard a few times as I realized that this was more complicated than anything I had ever sewed before! To be completely honest, I hadn't sewed sleeves or a jacket lining before, and the last time I sewed pleats or pockets I was in high school! But I took a deep breath and started working my way through the pattern. To the credit of Shwin&Shwin, the pattern was easy to follow, and I went through it smoothly. I didn't even have to use my seam ripper ONCE!!!! I think that is a record for me! ;)

Brooklyn was thrilled with the outcome. Can't ya tell by that huge smile? She wore it to church and school and told everyone, "My mom made this!" Such a funny girl. She doesn't know that most kids don't think that is "cool." ;) Her favorite part? Well, she did love the pockets, but she was mostly impressed with the snap under the button. She kept telling everyone, "Did you know this is a fake button? See?" and then she would open up the snap closure underneath. Gotta love her excitement!

If this pattern (or one of their others peaks your interest) I encourage you to go for it. If I could figure out the directions, you definitely could! It was such a fun piece to add to to my daughter's wardrobe that now I want to make more for the other girls! 

And one other bit of good news, for the entire month of February, Shwin&Shwin is offering 30% off of all their patterns using the code "springsale," and all jacket patterns are just $3.95. I just purchased the Abbey Jacket pattern, and can't wait to make some spring coats for my girls!

This was such a fun opportunity. I learned so much and was encouraged to try harder projects in the future! Thank you, Shwin&Shwin!!!


  1. I am SO jealous of your sewing skills right now. That jacket is so darn cute (so is the adorable model)!!!!! I WISH I could sew!!!! Good job, Jenni!

  2. So cute! I was honored to have you as a tester your jacket turned out beautiful and I love how happy she looks!

  3. Amazing, Jenni! So cute! Can the pattern be made in a different size?

    I showed the pictures to Alli, and she said, "Yeah, I saw her wear that already at church!" :) Great job!

    1. Yes, the pattern is sold in two size groups. I think the younger one is 12 mo. - 4T, and then the pattern I got was sizes 5 - 10. You just cut out the pattern on the line for the size you want, just as you would cut out a pattern you'd buy at the store. Hope that makes sense! :)


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