Saturday, September 7, 2013

Jimmy White-Paw

My dad bought the girls a bunny on Monday at the St. Martin's Labor Day Fair. Scott wasn't thrilled, but we've all gotten a little attached to this sweet guy. Scott even worked all morning on repairing an old bunny cage given to us from some people at church, insulating it so the bunny can survive outside during the winter.

Ironically, while Scott was working on the cage (and I was away from home) Jimmy White-Paw disappeared. Long story short, Scott tore apart our house looking for it for about two hours. Every closet was emptied, everything pushed out from under the beds, toy bins dumped, stuffed animal baskets turned upside down... and not even one turd was found! Scott was quite upset, the girls were crying, it was a disaster. 

I arrived home to find the house in such complete disarray, it was hard to walk through any room... and no bunny. Because this bunny poops every 10 seconds, I knew that it had to be stuck in something or outside for us not to even find any evidence of him in the house! I started looking inside of things that shut, and I'm happy to say I found Jimmy White-Paw within 5 minutes of being home. (At least in this instance, my mother's genes of being able to find things quickly have been passed on to me.)

So, here is the story:
Brooklyn was playing with the bunny, put it in the toy kitchen fridge, shut the door, and somehow FORGOT she put it in there!!!!!!!!!!!!! She even helped Scott tear the house a part looking for it, while bawling her eyes out! My word, that child can be so spacey. When I found the bunny, she was like, "Oh yeah... I forgot I put him in there." She felt pretty badly. (But then ten seconds later, put the bunny down in the porch and ran outside without shutting the door! Maybe she isn't ready to own a pet...)

Hopefully this bunny survives our crazy home. It is such a cute, soft little thing. At least under the beds and couch, and every closet in our house got cleaned! 

Oy! What a day.


  1. Oh dear that is crazy! I think instances like that is why I choose a pet free home....well at least one of many reasons besides the fact that I like to look at animals but not touch. ;)

    I remember when a snake got into our house and how we had to tear it apart searching for it.... Would rather look for a bunny. ;)

    Anyways I am positive your cage will come in handy and more welcomed than ever!


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